Daniel Arnold: A Paparazzo for Strangers 

June 11–September 17, 2017 Current Exhibitions
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Daniel Arnold prowls the streets of New York City, snapping image after image before scurrying on in search of his next subject–in his own words, a “paparazzo for strangers.” He pays incessant attention to what’s going on around him, feeling an “active participant in a community, having flirty conversations with people.” With 143,000 followers of his Instagram account, the informality and instantaneous nature of his images have made his page a “must-see” digital destination garnering attention–and employment–from Vogue magazine, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.
Exhibition Activities

City Street Fashion: Instagram-Style
Saturday, August 26 | 10:00–1:00
Hit the streets and experience Daniel Arnold in action! This hands-on street photography session will take place in downtown Milwaukee. Participants will meet in the coffee shop within the Whole Foods (Prospect Avenue) and will take on the city via public transportation. Space is limited.
$35 with Membership

Supported by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Fund