Jason S. Yi: Reconfiguring MOWA's Landscape 

Starting July 16, 2018 Current Exhibitions
Image for Jason S. Yi, The Legend of the White Snake, PVC tubes and connectors, 2017Jason S. Yi, The Legend of the White Snake, PVC tubes and connectors, 2017
Jason S. Yi’s conceptually-driven work takes shape at the intersection of sculpture, video, photography, drawing, and installation. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until the age of eleven, Yi’s bi-cultural background has left a decisive mark on his artistic practice.

An interest in landscape began with Yi’s father, an artist adept at depicting traditional Asian landscapes with ink on paper as well as archetypal Western landscapes with oil paint. Yi was intrigued by the fluidity with which his father navigated these vastly different approaches to seeing and rendering the world. This early childhood fascination attuned Yi to the ways that natural and built environments both influence and reflect societal conditions.

Yi’s recent artistic focus has been on site-specific installations, which incorporate humble materials found in everyday places to produce reimagined landscapes. These pragmatic materials are repurposed to project the romantic grandeur of the landscape; all the while underscoring the precarious co-existence of human beings and the natural world.

Yi’s site-specific outdoor installation, The Legend of the White Snake, will become part of MOWA’s own reimagined landscape starting the week of July 16. Coming to West Bend from downtown Milwaukee—where it was part of the ongoing public art project Sculpture Milwaukee—the work is entirely constructed from PVC, forming a dynamic tangle of tubes that towers over viewers like a scribble incarnate. The Legend of the White Snake reconfigures the landscape and engages interest from every vantage point.