RedLine August 22–November 8, 2015
    Image for RedLineRaoul Deal, Eli, 2015, Acrylic on canvas with installation elements.Image for RedLineMelanie Ariens, Unravel, Mend, 2014, Repurposed scarves, knitting, basket, yarn knitting needles, pedestal.

    homepage: John Kowalczyk, Synergistic Shaman, 2014, Wood, cardboard, paper, fabric, ribbon, glue, acrylic, clay.
    RedLine is a Milwaukee urban art laboratory that develops and inspires artists through on-site residencies, education, and exhibitions. RedLine seeks to stimulate creative potential within the surrounding community through social justice-based outreach to schools and organizations such as the Salvation Army. From many applicants, eight artists have been selected to represent the organization and demonstrate the wonderfully diverse applications of printmaking that the organization encourages. The work featured will range from a thought-provoking piece on water issues within the Great Lakes, meditations on cities and urban sprawl, a huge paper tiger, and a tangled nest of snakes. 

    Featured artists are Melanie Ariens, Kimberly Weiss, Cynthia Brinich-Langlois, Laci Coppins, Raoul Deal, John Kowalczyk, Dara Larson and Nirmal Raja. 

    Related Programs

    Coffee Talks with Raoul Deal
    Tuesday, October 13 | 10:30–11:30
    RedLine artist Raoul Deal is an artist and community activist. His time spent in Mexico inspired him to collect stories from Latino immigrants in Milwaukee and to create large format woodcuts based on those interviews. Join Deal as he shares stories from his life as an artist, activist, and teacher. 

    Coffee Talks with Melanie Ariens
    Tuesday, December 8 | 10:30–11:30
    RedLine artist Melanie Ariens, a mixed media artist, makes work that focuses on the Great Lakes. Using simple metaphors, she examines humanity’s connection to one of our most vital resources—water. Join Ariens as she talks about her career and work.

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