The Pitch Project April 11–June 7, 2015
    Image for The Pitch ProjectWill Pergl, Spectacle, wood, 2014. Photo: Zachary Swearingen.

    Image for The Pitch ProjectHayley Eichenbaum, Settle Down, color photograph, 2015.

    The Pitch Project is the invention of artists Sonja Thomsen, Will Pergl, Jason Yi, and arts advocate/Milwaukee beer baron Mike Brenner. Designed as a studio space for local artists, The Pitch Project is an incubator for contemporary art in Southeastern Wisconsin. A select group of The Pitch Project’s artists have been invited to transform MOWA’s State Gallery with thought-provoking pieces that include everything from 3D installation to video. The show will feature works by Steve Burnham, Hayley Eichenbaum, Kim Miller, Pergl, Nick Romano, Zachary Swearingen, Kyle Seis, Tim Stoelting, and Claire Hitchcock Tilton.

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