Featured Items 

Discover unique, handmade items by many Wisconsin artists. The MOWA Shop offers a wide variety of intriguing items, including fine art books, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand bags, apparel, children's books and more!

Della Wells Handcrafted Dolls

Hand-sewn and hand-painted, Della Wells began making dolls 17 years ago. At first glance, these dolls represent fantasy and play, and may appear similar to the dolls young children covet and carry. However, each doll tells its own complex, real-life story told through carefully selected objects, wrinkles and details.

Exhibition Catalogue

Pick up The Art of Charles W. Thwaites Freedom of Expression, a full-color catalogue for just $10! Or, get this catalogue free with a regular Shop purchase of $25 or more.


Handmade stuffed animals by Plushzilla will be your child’s new BFF! From elephants to birds and other quirky creatures, these toys are soft, safe, and very unique.

Fabulous Jewelry in Every Style

From bright, colorful necklaces and earrings to precious stones and metal designs, the MOWA Shop carries a large selection of beautiful jewelry from local artists.

Terri Lockwood Encaustic Paintings

Lockwood’s love fo encaustic painting began as a Wisconsin beekeeper. She was searching for a way to capture beauty of the wax rendered from bees. Terri creates encaustic paintings of spring flowers and landscapes in these lovely paintings. Many sizes and subject matters are for sale in the Shop.

Inspiration Clay Plaques

These inspirational plaques from Spooner Creek are made using a unique engraving technique where the designs are directly etched into clay. This gives a remarkable detailed dimensional quality to the work.