MOWA Gardens 

The museum footprint has grown to include a spectacularly landscaped set of gardens, creating a valuable community resource and a must-see destination in the heart of downtown West Bend. 

The new gardens encompass the entire four-acre site surrounding the museum and extending south along Veterans Avenue and the Milwaukee River. It will be a different kind of park, combining the ultimate mix of public spaces. The space is designed to encourage a variety of leisure, recreational, and creative activities. The Gardens include: 

  • an open field for outdoor activities and festivals
  • six groves of 800 quaking aspen trees for admiring the fall colors
  • more than 1,200 hydrangeas for garden enthusiasts
  • sculpture for art admirers
  • an open courtyard for intimate gatherings
  • interconnected walkways perfect for wayfinding or meandering

In 2016, MOWA purchased two additional acres of land south of its existing building from the City of West Bend. The area had been vacant since the former Field’s Furniture building and outlet mall was demolished in 2007. Also in 2016, MOWA created a committee to help identify the needs and goals for the new gardens and the fundraising associated with this extensive project.

MOWA selected architect Jim Shields of HGA to lead the project. Shields led the design of MOWA’s 32,000-square-foot facility which opened in April 2013. He worked closely with landscape architect Judith Stark and David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc.

You can help Grow the Gardens. Visit for more information.

Thank You 
Thank you to the Gardens at MOWA supporters!

Early contributors include:

Betty Nelson
Marilyn Rolfs
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
James and Karen Hyde Foundation
Allan C. Kieckhafer
Beth Ramsthal
Bob Ramsthal
Nast Family Foundation, Inc.
The Shoemaker Family
Cynthia and Tom LaConte
Ziegler Family Foundation Fund
Oscar C. & Augusta Schlegel Foundation
Andrea and James Schloemer Family
Thomas J. Rolfs Family Foundation
James Spella | Schloemer Law Firm
Serigraph, Inc.