Wisconsin Artist's Federation

Constitution submitted by a committee working during December, 1936 to February 1937.  Committee members for the Wisconsin Painters & sculptors - Robert Schellin and Fred Logan; for the Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts - Elsie Logemann, Elsa Ulbricht; for the Milwaukee Printmakers - Lowell lee, Harold Wescott; for the Milwaukee Artists Guild - Al Sessler, Betsy Ritz.

The name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Artists Federation.

ARTICLE 2. Aims and Purposes
   Section 1. To unite in a single body all men and women professionally engaged in the graphic, plastic, and applied arts.
   Section 2. To maintain and advance cultural standards of the state by encouraging a wider understanding and distribution of art among the public, and in this behalf, to hold periodic exhibitions in all fields of art.
   Section 3. To set and uphold professional standards in every field of art. To carry on such group enterprises as will aid and enlarge the practice of the arts in the state.
   Section 4. To promote such legislation as may contribute to the welfare of Wisconsin art and Wisconsin artists.
   Section 5. To formulate, to publish, and to carry out local policies on art activities of regional and national scope.
   Section 6. To improve and protect economic standards in all fields of professional art activity.
   Section 7. To cooperate with and to aid other organizations engaged in similar enterprise, and in general to do whatever may promote the above aims an purposes.
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