Wisconsin Pastel Artists

Our pastel group was formed in 2005 and had previously been called GLPS S.E. Wisconsin and Southeast Wisconsin Pastel Society (SEWPS). Our goal is to encourage, educate and connect both the aspiring and experienced pastel artist. In May 2008 our group was renamed "Wisconsin Pastel Artists" to better serve the expanding interest of statewide pastelists. Also in 2008 our group became a member of the International Association of Pastel Societies, IAPS.

Never picked up a pastel stick? Already an experienced pastelist wondering what's in it for you? Why not visit us at one of our events or meetings and find out how our group can benefit and further your interest. We are passionate about pastels. Joining our pastel society provides valuable artists support and fellowship, workshops, industry news, and so much more.

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Old Names:
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