Wisconsin Scholastic Art Awards alumni

This unique national art awards program was founded in the early 1920s by Maurice R. Robinson, President of Scholastic Publishing Company now known as Scholastic Magazine, Inc.

In 1923 Scholastic magazine announced a "Prize Story Contest".
The "student -written edition" of 1925 was accompanied by a prize for the best cover design and illustration and Carnegie Institute provided the exhibition venue.

In 1927, a special George Bellows Memorial Award for art stirred new interest in the program that provided a higher number and quality of entries. Through the efforts and encouragement of Carnegie Institute and school art leaders the program launched plans for its first National High School Art Exhibition held at the Carnegie Institute.

By the early 1940s the exhibition's scope had expanded and the number of entries had become staggering and it was decided that eleven preliminary regional exhibitions would be held before going on to the National exhibition & awards.

Today the national network includes sixty-seven regionals for art awards.
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