WPA - Milwaukee Handicraft Project

Affiliation: referring to Wisconsin artists working for the WPA Milwaukee Handicraft Project from 1935 -1942. This program brought fame to Milwaukee and broke gender and color barriers during the Great Depression. Elsa Ulbricht, (1885-1980) a passionate educator and craftsperson was approached by Harriet Pettibone Clinton, the district Director of the Women's Division of the WPA in Milwaukee County determined to create a work program to employ large numbers of unskilled, unemployed women to help supplement their family's income. They were taught to make many different craft items such as bookbinding and original handmade children's books and art education books, design and block printing projects for book covers on fabric & paper, a line of toys, dolls, furniture, draperies and woven and hooked rugs to furnish offices and dormitories,
Old Names:
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