Adam Emory Albright (1862 - 1957)

Birth date: 8/15/1862 Death date: 9/13/1957  
Birth location: Monroe, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Painting , Painting / Oil Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Father of Chicago Artist/painter, Ivan Lorraine Albright, and sculptor, Malvin Marr Albright (whose middle name was chosen in honor of Carl Marr).
1910, resided in Edison Park, Illinois
1907, The Grower Prize, Art Institute of Chicago
1908, Martin B. Cahn prize
Art Organizations:
1909, delegate of the Chicago Society of Artists (also director and ex-vice President) and the Society of Western Artists at the 1st National Art Convention, Washington D.C.
Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Chicago Watercolor Club (director and ex.vice-president)
Chicago Academy of Design
American Federation of Arts


Adam Emory Albright
Born 1862 in Monroe, Wisconsin
Died 1957

Although he began as a landscape painter, Adam Emory Albright made a name for himself in the world of art as a painter of children, particularly those living in rural areas. Albright studied at the Art Institute of Chicago (1881-1883), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1883-1886) (where he was a student of Thomas Eakins), Paris (circa1887-1888) with Benjamin Constant and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (1887-1888). While at the Royal Academy in Munich he studied with Carl Marr.  Marr remarked that, “Albright goes at his painting in the typical American way—he knows exactly what he is going to do and how he is going to do it without once losing sight of his purpose.  In addition, he has a charming personality.” 

Albright believed that “good pictures should appeal to the common man,” and the charm of his work shows his love for children. Instead of conventional portraits Albright showcased the personality of youth in its own environment.  Albright traveled extensively with his family during the winter months to expand his subject matter and painted children on more than one continent; little people in the tropics, young water carriers in the Andes, and his own twin sons, Malvin Marr Albright and Ivan Lorraine Albright on many locations in the U.S.

His home and studio were in a log house at Hubbard’s Woods north of Chicago and this log cabin palace was Albright’s own design, built mainly by his own hands. Much later Albright and his sons Ivan (painter) and Malvin (sculptor) shared a studio that had been an old abandoned Methodist church building in Warrenville.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1907 Chicago Art
Columbian Exposition, Chicago World's Fair
1907 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts A.I.C. prize (also exhibited in 1908, 1914) 
1923 In the Journal's Gallery of Wisconsin Art 
1936 Association of Chicago Painters & Sculptors
1982 - 1983 The Milwaukee Journal Gallery of Wisconsin, (curated by Jane Brite)

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