Adolph Liebig Jr. (1848 - 1926)

Birth date: 11/17/1848 Death date: 1926  
Birth location: Prussia Death location: Milwaukee, Wiscosnin  
Media: Decorative Art , Fresco , Mural , Painter Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Son of: Adolph Heinrich Liebig and Louise Matte Liebig
1867, August,eimmigrated from Germany with is family to Mayville WI via New York, settled in Milwaukee to work as a fresco painter and church decorator.
1874, 5/21 - Milwaukee sentinel, p.8, reported that "Adolph Liebig has been engaged to fresco Trinity Church on the South Side"

Work Associations:
1875, A. Liebig and Zukotynski, fresco Painters, 56 Oneida Street, Milwaukee Wisconsin
1892, Liebig & Gaertner, Fresco Painters
1885-87, 1890 Liebig & Loeffler,  
1893-1897, Liebig A, & Company, fresco Painters

1899, (4/25/1899) became a naturalized US citizen at the US District Court, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, certificate number, 560 vol.B.  He petitioned for US citizenship on 10/24/1872.
1900, listed in the federal census of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a naturalized US Citizen born in Germany, Nov.1848, married and three daughters.
Buried at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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