Albert Herter (1871 - 1950)

Birth date: 1871 Death date: 1950  
Birth location: New York, NY Death location: Santa Barbara, CA  
Media: Decorative Art , Design , Illustration , Interior Design , Mural , Painting , Textile , Textile / Weaver Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Birthdate: 3/2/1871
1893, married Adele
Studied:  Art Students' League of New York with James Carroll Beckwith,
              Academie Julian with Jean-Paul Laurens
1908, founder of Herter Looms, New York and opened another one in /San Francisco, 1913.
          He hired french weavers to make his designs for tapestries and fabric.
Illustrator for Schribner's and McClure's
Collections: represented in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Painting Acquisitions,
                  Madison Wisconsin
                  Four of his murals are on display in the Wisconsin State Capitol:
                 The Appeal of the Legionary to Ceasar Augustus
                 The Signing of the Magna Carta
                 The Signing of the Constitution
                 The Trial of Chief Oshkosh by Judge James Duane Doty

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