Alonzo Hauser (1909 - 1988)

Birth date: 1/30/1909 Death date: 11/29/1988  
Birth location: LaCrosse, Wisconsin Death location: Minneappolis, MN  
Media: Painting , Sculpture Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Parents, Dr. George F. Hauser ( -1918) and E. Wynona Meyers Hauser
1930, moved to New York City, NY, joined Communist Party
1935, marries modern dancer, Nancy McKnight
1943, December 5, daughter Heidi born, Milwaukee, WI
1948, quits the Communist Party
1951, 5/24, son Anthony Paul is born
1952, moves to Mendota Heights (Eagan), MN - builds studio on his farm and works independently as a free
          lance artist
1954-1955, elected Justice of the Peace, Mendota, MN
1966-1969, builds bronze foundry on his farm/studio in Mendota Heights (Eagen), MN
1970-1973, sells Eagan farm/studio and moves to Prescott, WI, purchased largest building in Prescott and   
          renovated and converted it into studios and loft apartments and also opened the "Left Bank Gallery"    
          with-in the building.
1972, travels to Canadian Arctic
1974, Alonzo and Nancy divorce. He moves to Mesilla Park, New Mexico, buys house and builds studio.
1975-1976, semi-retires and travel throughout US and Mexico in large R.V. Survives car accident,  and begins
         working in watercolor and small sculptures of famous Native-Americans of the southwest
1983-1985, declining health and eventually moved into a nursing home, Minneapolis, MN
1988, dedication ceremony for The Source, Rice Park, MN, last public appearance before his death
          November 29, 1988  
1926-1927, attended LaCrosse State Teacher's College, WI
1927-1929, Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI (developed interest in sculpture, met WI painter Walter
         Quirt and studied with Girilamo Piccoli)
1929-1930, University of Wisconsin-Madison (art history, studied under Oskar von Hagen)
1930-1932, full-time apprentice stone-carver, Greenwich Village Stone-Shop, NY with Amedeo Merli
1931, awarded scholarship for independent study in France
1932-1933, awarded scholarship to study with sculptor William Zorach, Art Student's League, NYC
Work Experience:
1932-1934, worked, Greenwich Village Stone Shop, NY
1935 began to work independently
1936, commissioned to design and execute sculpture, W.P.A. Resettlement Administration, Washington D.C.
          Hired by the W.P.A. Resettlement Administration as an architectural sculptor, moved to Washington D.C.
          and executed sculpture for W.P.A.
1937-1939, commissioned by W.P.A. Farm Security Administration to the Village of Greendale, Wisconsin to
          construct a large limestone flagpole sculpture as a testament  of strength and character of the American
          people and the origin of the Village of Greendale, Wisconsin
1937-1939, commissioned to do a portrait of WI Governor Phillip La Follette (son of Michael Scott born
1939, commissioned by Fine Arts Section of the Treasury Dept. to do wood carvings for Park Rapids, MN
          Post Office
1940-1942, taught sculpture and drawing, Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI
1940, commissioned by Fred Doepke residence, Milwaukee, WI to do 9-brick panels of animals
1942, designer and superintendent, Continental Ceramic Co., Milwaukee, WI
1943-1944, Foreman, Industrial Ceramic Division Globe Union Co., Milwaukee, WI
          and continued to work independently on private commissions
1943-1944, Art Director, Continental Ceramics Co., Milwaukee, WI
1944-1945, taught sculpture and drawing, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
1945-1949, founder and chairman, Art Department, Macalester College, St. Pauil, MN - offered workshops
          for WWII returning veterans, free-lance artist and stone carver
1948, organizes anthropological Conference on Human Development, Macalester College
1948-1949, completes commission, two large oak carved figures Virgin and Mother Cabrini, St. Francis
         Cabrini Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN
1949, resigns from Macalester College
          Joins carnival show of Gypsy Rose Lee as a "barker" in a surrealistic extravaganza, What are your

1949-1957, works as a free lance artist and stone carver
1956-1969, joins faculty of University of Minnesota School of Architecture (visiting instructor and lecturer,
1972, Artist-in-Residence, Center for Democratic Studies, Santa Barbara, CA (completed portrait heads
          of Rex Tugwell, and other FDR Administration members)
1934, "An American Group" exhibition at Barbizon Plaza, Ehrich-Newhouse Galleries, Montross Gallery and
          Rockefeller Center
1935, "An American Group" exhibition at Gimbel Galleries, Jaques Seligmann Gallery, Artist's Union and John
           Reed Club
1935, exhibits with First Outdoor Sculpture Show (1st Place award for "Primitive Figure" and the Minnesota
          State Fair 2nd place award for "Invictus"
1936, first solo exhibition, A.C.A. Gallery, NYC (20 sculptures & 60 drawings)
1936, "An American Group" exhibition, Modernage, Federal Arts Project, the Municipal Art Gallery, the
          A.C.A. Gallery and at the Whitney Museum.
1937, American Artist's Congress Group exhibition, Rockefeller Center, NYC
1937-1939, "American Group Exhibition", Artist's Gallery, NYC
1939, "American Group Exhibition", Whitney Museum, NYC
1939, New York World's Fair, Wisconsin Artist category
1939, group exhibition, Brooklyn Museum, NY
1940, Wisconsin Painter's and Sculptors Annual Exhibition, Milwaukee Art Institute (cash award, Art Institute
          Medal for figure of Martha Graham)
1940, solo exhibition, Layton Art Gallery and traveled to Robinson Galleries, NYC.
1941, traveling solo exhibition, JB Neuman's New Art Circle, NYC, Layton Art School Gallery, Milwaukee,
         WI, (Portrait of Gypsy Rose Lee)
1943-1944, Milwaukee Art Institute, awarded Art Institute Medal for "Invictus"
1944-1946, solo exhibition, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
1945, Annual Regional Sculpture exhibitions, (Minnesota Sculpture Group), Walker Art Center, Minneapolis,
          MN (cash award for wood figure, "Emergence") and St. Paul Gallery of Art (later the Minnesota
         of American Art)
1946, solo exhibition, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (47 sculptures, 84 drawings - works in bronze,
          marble, limestone, wood, plaster, terra cotta, ceramics)
1946, solo exhibition, St. Paul gallery of Art (23 sculptures and numerous drawings)
1946, 3rd Annual Regional Sculpture Exhibition, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
1946, group exhibition, Minneapolis Institute of Arts (1st place award, Tennessee marble figure, Invictus.
1946, Minnesota Sculpture Group exhibition, St. Paul Gallery and School of Art, MN (featured artist)
1946, three man exhibition, St. Paul Gallery, (Alonzo Hauser, Ben Wolf and Mac Lesueur)
1947, Minnesota Sculpture Group exhibition, , Walker Art Center (1st place award for Primitive Figure
1948, traveling exhibition, Midwest Sculptors,
St. Paul Gallery and School of Art, 3rd place award for
          mahogany figure Frustration
1948, Wisconsin State Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Midwest Sculptors traveling exhibition, Layton Gallery
          and Milwaukee Art Institute (cash award for Tennessee marble figure, Invictus
           Art Institute
1949, Minnesota Sculpture Group's First Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
1949, Minnesota State Fair Exhibition
1951, international traveling exhibition, Knife, Fork and Spoon Exhibit, curated by the Walker Art Center,
         Minneapolis, MN
1951, Minnesota State Fair exhibition, (2nd place award for an oak figure titled, Suzana)
1951, solo exhibition, Hamline University, St. Paul MN, wood carvings
1952, local artists exhibition, Minneapolis Art Institute, MN
1960, Principally Portraits, solo exhibition, St. Paul Gallery of Art, MN
1961-1962, Portraits, St. Paul Gallery
          The Mendota Foundry, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
1962, Biennial 1962, Walker ArtCenter, Minneapolis, MN
1962-1963, solo exhibits, Rochester Art Center, MN and Central City Art Gallery, CO
1964, solo exhibition, O'Brian's Gallery, Scotsdale, AZ
1965, solo exhibition, Kilbride-Bradley Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1965, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN,  and Tweed Gallery, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
1966, solo exhibition, Kramer Gallery, St. Paul, MN
1978, last solo exhibition, New Lonnie Hauser, Watercolorist, Osborne Gallery, St. Paul, MN
1987-2001, artwork exhibited in a few exhibitions before and after his death including a solo retrospective
         exhibition, Alonzo Hauser Revisited: Five Decades of Art, Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, Macalester
         College, St. Paul, MN
Art Organizations / Associations:
1934, elected to "An American Group"
1937, "American Artist's Congress Group" NYC
1940, Wisconsin Painter's and Sculptors
Walker Art Center, carved wood mahogany figure, Intolerance
St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN
1951, St. Paul Evangelical and Reformed Church, St.Paul, MN, 16 foot Christ figure limestone sculpture
1952, Trinity Lutheran Church, LaCrosse, WI, limestone panels
1952-2000, controversy of the Promise of Youth, sculpture fountain, Veterans Service Building, State Capitol
         Grounds, St. Paul, MN
1953-1954, 1st Geodesic dome in Minnesota, Portrait of R. Buckminster Fuller
1956-1957, Hope Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN, 10 foot limestone panel
1958, Victoria Primary School, St. Paul, MN, six limestone panels
1959, Department of Employment Security, Minneapolis, MN, carves 7 foot diameter granite panel of the seal
          of  MN         
1964-1965, Women's Institute of St. Paul, MN, commissioned an 8 foot bronze fountain figure, The Source for
          Rice Park.
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