Andre Joseph Grill (1916 - 1985)

Birth date: 1916 Death date: 1985  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Racine, Wisconsin  
Media: Painter / Watercolor , Painting / Oil Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Surrealist artist and life-long resident of Wisconsin.
Graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and Academie Julian in Paris, France.
Exhibited: Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and the United States.
Served in WWII and spent some years in Europe immediately after WWII when he was continuing his art studies in Paris, France at the Academie Julian. 
Resided in Racine where he had his studio from 1952 until his death in 1985.
Full-time artist who produced a great body of work.
Please visit the website for a more complete biography and images of the artist and many of his paintings spanning an artistic career of nearly forty years.

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