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Angelica Von Neumann Ulbricht

Born 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

John Ulbricht Angelica von Neumann, also known as Angela, is the daughter of Milwaukee painter Robert von Neumann.  Her brother, Robert Jr., was also an artist. She graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago, where she met here future husband,. 

In 1951 John Ulbricht received a foreign traveling fellowship from the Art Institute of Chicago, and the couple moved to Mexico City for one year to paint.  Both artists created colorful batiks that reflected the landscape and culture of Mexico. Their work was shown in a joint exhibit at Mexico City College.

In 1952 the couple moved to Denver, Colorado where her husband became the assistant director of the Denver Art Museum.  In 1960 they moved to Spain.  While Angelica kept ties in Milwaukee, she remained in Spain with her husband, and her last listed address was Galilea, Mallorca in 1984. 

She is listed in the publication Society of Milwaukee Artists 1900-1913: First Exhibition Public Library Building and German-American Artists in Early Milwaukee: A Biographical Dictionary.  She was awarded a Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors prize in 1946, a Printmakers award in 1947, The Milwaukee Journal prize of $50 in 1948 for a painting done for the public schools, and a $25 award for Men’s Sketch Club exhibited at Layton School of Art in 1969.

Although Angelica is the daughter of accomplished painter, she developed her own unique painting style.  Her fresh use of line and color reveal influences of Modernists and Abstractionists of the second quarter of the 20th Century.  Her subjects range from anatomical and figure studies, still lifes, abstractions, and city scenes.


1946                Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art, Milwaukee Art Institute

1948                Wisconsin State Centennial Exhibition of Contemporary Wisconsin Art, Layton Art Gallery and the Milwaukee Art Institute

1949                Thirty-Fifth Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art, Milwaukee Art Museum

1948                Wisconsin State Centennial Exhibition of Contemporary Wisconsin Art

1952                Denver Museum 58th Exhibition of Western Art (award)

1964                Art by Robert von Neumann family, Layton School of Art

1969                Exhibition at Layton School of Art

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