Anne Emily Kingsbury (1943 - )

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Anne Kingsbury
Born 1943 in Oak Park, Illinois


Now a longtime Wisconsin resident, Anne Kingsbury is an artist and community activist. She taught at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee before co-founding the Woodland Pattern Book Center with her husband, Karl Gartung, in 1979. Since then she has been the manager of this non-profit literary arts center which features the most comprehensive collection of small press poetry for retail sale in the country.

Perhaps more widely known as a visual artist, she has been creating prints and  mixed-media figurative  works since the 1970s. Her work has evolved from large scale woodblock prints to combinations of ceramics with thread and fibers, to complicated beaded work on leather and fabric. With the inclusion of text from personal journals and lists, using feminine imagery of quilts, dolls or pot holders, her art production mirrors her life as a woman experiencing the challenges of a many-faceted career. She explains, “In my visual work, I choose projects I can do with my hands rather than have the filter of technology between myself and the material.”

In 2008, Ms. Kingsbury was inducted as a fellow of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. She has received three grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. Her art has been featured in national craft publications, in major exhibitions and museum collections.

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