Armin O. Hansen (1893 - 1976)

Birth date: 1893 Death date: 1976  
Birth location: Chicago, Illinois Death location: Milwaukee, Wiconsin  
Media: Illustration , Mural , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Also studied in Chicago, IL and Paris, France
1932-1956, designed floats for Schuster's Department Store's Santa Claus Christmas Parade,
                   Milwaukee, WI
1976, buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI


Armin O. Hansen

Born 1893 in Chicago, Illinois

Died 1976 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Armin O. Hansen was a painter, muralist, and portrait artist in Milwaukee. The son of Milwaukee-born parents of German descent, Hansen attended West Division High School. He then studied under Alexander Mueller at the Wisconsin School of Art and under Gustave Moeller and Frederick Fursman at the State Normal School. He also studied at the National Academy of Art in New York and in Munich under Leo Patz, a muralist.

Hansen is most remembered for the hundreds of murals he created throughout Wisconsin. Several were made for schools in Wausau, Horicon, Shorewood and Milwaukee; a few of these schools include Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School, West Division High School, Custer High School, and Bay View High School. He also completed murals for hotels (Loraine Hotel in Madison), breweries (he did seven for the Pabst Brewing Co.) and other businesses (Outboard Marine Corporation).

Hansen was also commissioned to paint portraits of many important local citizens and on the side he designed floats for Schuster's annual Santa Claus parade for thirty-one years. He was involved in the WPA Federal Art Project, served on the Milwaukee Art Commission during the 1930's and was a member of the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors. His artwork is in the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Museum of Wisconsin Art collections.

Selected Exhibitions

1915                 Panama-Pacific Exhibition, San Francisco,CA.

1917                 WPS Milwaukee Art Institute Exhibition

1924-1931              Milwaukee Journal Gallery of Wisconsin Art

1928                                  Milwaukee Art Institute

1982-1983       Milwaukee Journal Gallery of Wisconsin Art

1989-1990             Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI

1979                Twelmeyer-Krumbholz Fine Arts Inc., Milwaukee, WI

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