Arthur Ernst Becher (1877 - 1960)

Birth date: 7/29/1877 Death date: 11/4/1960  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Pookeepsie, New York  
Media: Drawing , Illustration , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

c.1885: studied: F.W..Heine
1899: joined Milwaukee Art Student's League, would sketch at Jones Island with Louis Mayer and other artists in the league. 
c.1899: went to Wilmington, Delaware, with Wisconsin artist, William Aylward  to study with Howard Pyle a nationally known illustrator
1904:  moved to New York and married Frieda L. Knappe and lived in Ardsley, New York.
1908: Appleton's Magazine sent Becher to London to sketch some prehistoric items at the British Museum, while there he took the opportunity to study oil painting with German artist, Otto Leopold Strutzel (1855-1930).
Worked for 40 years as one of this country's leading illustrators doing work for all the great national magazines. With an interest in American History, he also illustrated children's school books.
1959: City of Milwaukee  bought six of Becher's Jones Island paintings for their collection.

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