August Lohr (1842 - 1920)

Birth date: 8/26/1842 Death date: 2/5/1920  
Birth location: Hallein, Austria Death location:  
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August Lohr

Born 1842 at Hallein near Salzburg, Austria

Died 1920 probably in Mexico

Son of an Austrian soapmaker, August Lohr left Austria in 1862 to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Munich, Germany.  He specialized in painting the Alpine scenery of Bavaria, Switzerland and Western Austria.  He married Franziska Geuhs from Austria and they had three daughters, Rosina, Elise and Elsa who were all born in Munich. 

Lohr, together with Franz Biberstein, assisted Munich art professor, Ludwig Braun to create panoramic paintings of early European battle scenes.  In 1884, he traveled to New Orleans to supervise the installation of The Battle of Sedan (a German panorama commemorating a battle in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871) and later that same year he assisted William Wehner in the establishment of the American Panorama Company in Milwaukee. There, Lohr was production supervisor of landscape settings and commissioned approximately twenty German artists to paint the monumental cycloramas, the Storming of Missionary Ridge / Battle of Chattanooga and the Battle of Atlanta.  In 1887 August Lohr and Frederick Heine purchased the Wells Street studio from the American Panorama Company and formed the Lohr and Heine panorama company. Subsequently they created the panorama Jerusalem on the Day of the Crucifixion. In 1888 Lohr, Heine, Imre Boos and Paul Zabel formed the Milwaukee Panorama Co and produced Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. At least eight panorama paintings were produced at the Wells street studio. After the Spanish American War (1895-1898) Lohr, Heine, Peter, Rohrbeck and Biberstein went to San Francisco in 1898 to paint  the panorama Battle of Manila Bay.

After leaving San Francisco he moved to Mexico where he is believed to have resided with his family until his death.  Several of his oil and watercolor landscapes remain there in private collections.

Contributions to Panorama Painting

1877                Battle of Sedan exhibit in Paris.

1879-1881      Battle of Sedan exhibit in Munich, Battle of Weissenburg exhibited in Munich, Battle of Sainte Privat exhibited in Dresden, Battle of Mars La Tour exhibited in Leipzig

1884                Supervised the installation and exhibited the Battle of Sedan panorama at the Cotton Exposition in New Orleans

1885-86           Atlanta Cyclorama, Atlanta, Georgia

1887                Formed partnership with Frederick Wilhelm Heine, and painted the panorama, Jerusalem on the day of the Crucifixion

1898                Battle of Manilla, San Francisco, CA

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