Bruno Rohlffs (1920 - 2009)

Birth date: 12/12/1920 Death date: 6/10/2009  
Birth location: Rostock, Germany Death location: Plymouth, Wisconsin  
Media: Advertising / Commercial Art , Drawing , Painting , Painting / W/C & Acrylic Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1923: immigrated with his parents and sister to Plymouth, Wisconsin
1948: married Frances Reihlman.
1984: retired and moved from Wauwatosa back to Plymouth.
Drawing and watercolor painting were his hobbies
1938: graduated from Plymouth High
1939-1942:  attended the University of Wisconsin in Sheboygan and in Madison, majoring in languages.
1942: education was interrupted  when he enlisted in the Army during WWII. His language background in German, French and Italian served him well in the European theater as a special agent/Warrant Officer of the army Counter Intelligence Corps.
1945 - 1950: changed course when he returned home from the war. He attended the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, graduating with a diploma in advertising art and typography.
Work Experience:
1950-1984: worked at Trade Press Publishing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a typographical layout artist, and served many years as manager of Trade Press Typographers, a hot metal typesetting shop.
Art organizations/Affiliations:
Past member and President of the Men’s Sketch Club of Milwaukee
Past member of  Illustrators and Designers of Milwaukee
Past member of the League of Milwaukee Artists
Past member and President of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society
Past member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America
Past member of the West Bend Museum of Wisconsin Art
Past member of the Racine Museum of Art
Past member of the Plymouth Arts Center
This information was submitted by the family of Bruno O. Rohlfs, 8/19/2010.

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