Celeste Spransy Gass Mrs. Alan Gass (1918 - 2010)

Birth date: 1918 Death date: 2010  
Birth location: Death location: Milwaukee, WI  
Media: Painting , Sculpture Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Studied, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduated cum Laude.
1983-84, West Bend Art Museum Exhibitor
Recipient of Wisconsin Arts Board Per Cent for Art Award.
Created stand-alone works in Lucite, followed by paintings on Lucite executed with liquid polyester resins made with sun-resistant dyes. Also well known for her brilliantly colored abstract watercolors and she developed a unique and popular Plexiglas medium she named Prismatics.
Married to Alan Gass, artist for the Milwaukee Journal and portraitist.
Celeste Spransy Gass served as president of the Milwaukee Art Commission for ten years.

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