Charles Clayton (1913 - 1976)

Birth date: 1913 Death date: 1976  
Birth location: Goodman, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Painting , Sculpture Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Was known as Charles Clayton, although his given name was Henry.
University of Wisconsin- BA & MA
Studied with Wolfgang Stechow, Oskar Hagen, John Kienitz and James Watrous.
Work experience:
1946-1947: Education Director, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin
1947-1949: Associate Professor, Beloit College, Wisconsin
1949-1951: Chairman Department of Art, Beloit College, Wisconsin 
1951: Professor of Art, University of Florida, Miami, Florida
Exhibition Awards:
1947: Wisconsin Salon
1949-50: Art Institute of Chicago
1950: Milwaukee Art Institute
1961: Association of Florida Sculptors
Beloit College Neece Fund Collection
IBM Collection, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Gimbel's Wisconsin Collection

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