Charles Dwyer (1961 - )

Birth date: 1961 Death date:  
Birth location: West Bend, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Drawing , Painting , Painting / Oil , Pastel , Sculpture Web site:
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Charles J. Dwyer
Born 1961 in West Bend, Wisconsin

Chuck Dwyer, a painter, photographer and restoration specialist, currently maintains a studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After his early education in West Bend, he went on to graduate from the Milwaukee School of Art in 1984.

He has worked restoring religious art at the St. Louis Cathedral and at the Sacred Heart Basilica on the campus of Notre Dame University. In Wisconsin, he has restored artwork at the Shrine of Holy Hill in Hubertus and at the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee.

Having exhibited nationally, Dwyer achieved early critical success when his first New York exhibition in 1992 sold out. He was commissioned to create the poster for the first fine arts exposition in Chicago, ART EXPO’93. His paintings have been exhibited on tour with Special Editions Limited of Chicago, 1990-1995, and New York Acadia Fine
Arts, 1996-2000.
His artistic style has evolved from bold abstraction with linear elements to more clearly defined figurative works. Using mixed-media he achieves multi-layered textural surfaces and displays a thorough understanding of the use of line. The figure continues to be the main theme of his current work in painting and

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

Enterprises,Inc., Atrium Gallery, Chicago
Arcadia Fine Arts, New York 
2000  Gallery
M, Denver, Colorado 
Fine Arts, Douglas, Michigan

Selected Group Exhibitions

1992 Vault Art Gallery, Cambria, California
1992-2000  ARTEXPO, New York 
1993  ARTEXPO, Chicago 
1997 ARTEXPO, Miami, Florida 
1999  Miranda Gallery, Laguna Beach, California 
2000  Arcadia
Fine Arts, New York 

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