Dawn Hunter

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Media: Collage , Mixed Media , Painting / W/C & Acrylic Web site: http://www.dawnhunterart.com
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Biographical Brief

Undergraduate studies, Kansas City Art Institute, Parsons School of Design, and the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art and Music
MFA, Regents Fellow, University of California, Davis, studied with Robert Arneson, Roy DeForest, and Irit Rogoff
First American woman to serve as Artist-in-Residence, Starr Foundation Fellowship, Royal Academy of Art, London 
Work Experience:
Associate Professor of Art and Foundations Coordinator, University of South Carolina,Columbia

2012-Summer,WRAP State Award
2011-Spring, WRAP State Award
2011-Summer, WRAP Honorable Mention
2010-Spring, WRAP State Award
2010-Summer, WRAP State Award
2009-Spring, WRAP State Award
2008-Summer, WRAP Honorable Mention
2007-08-Winter, John Barton Award
2007-08-Winter, WRAP State Exhibit Award
2007-Fall, WRAP State Award
Received many Honors, Grants, Fellowships, and Residencies
Detailed information can be found on her website

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