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Biographical Brief

Successful cartoonist, writer, editor, publisher and entrepreneur.
Grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin, lived in Milwaukee for years, later moved to Princeton
Early career, was described as an "underground, counterculture comic artist"
1986, founded and served as president of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit corporation.
Since 2000, chaired the Harvey Awards Committee
2002, member of Board of Advisers, MOCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art), New York City, NY
1964, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Work Experience:
1969, founded Kitchen Sink Press (KSP) and published many of the most prominent and innovative creators of comics for 30 years.This venture included: Krupp Comic Works, Inc.(a small hippie empire), Strictly Uppa Crust (a head shop), The Cartoon Factory (a commercial art studio), Ordinary Records; Krupp Mail Order and Krupp Distribution
late 1960s, was Milwaukee's own R. Crumb
1970, co-founder of the weekly Madison Bugle-American (lasted 7 years)
1970s, freelanced work for the Milwaukee Journal (mostly in the Sunday Insight Magazine)
1976, Co-founded The Fox River Patriot, a weekly alternative rural newspaper.
late1970s, became Wisconsin's Marvel Comics, publishing the work of other comic creators instead of his own comics.
Currently (2011), established Denis Kitchen Publishing Co.(DKP) a new small press publishing company to produce an package quality books annually.
Kitchen Sink Press won numerous prestigious awards in the comic industry.
1997, Staros Report awarded Kitchen Sink Press its first and only Best Publisher Award.
1968, first comic book, Mom's Homemade Comics  #1, self published.
1994, Kitchen Sink Press: The First 25 Years by Dave Schreiner
Recently (2012), The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen, Dark Horse Books

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