Dorothy M. Case (1909 - 2004)

Birth date: 1909 Death date: 2004  
Birth location: Death location:  
Media: Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

2012, 6/11, information in file leads one to believe that there might be two Dorothy Case artists.
1.  Dorothy M. Case (2004-2004) whose artwork was exhibited at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, in
     2009, Isle of Inspiration: Rediscovering Milwaukee's Jones Island exhibition.
2.  Dorothy Case, Clinton, Wisconsin artist.and exhibiting member of  (WRAA/WRAP) Wisconsin Regional Artist's
     Association and listed as an Honorable Mention award winner in  Contour Notes Winter 2007-2008
We do not have enough information to verify that there are two artists with the same name, if anyone reviewing this file can contact us with obituary documentation on Dorothy M. Case please contact the MWA archives (

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