Douglas & Renee Sigwarth

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Renee Sigwarth           

Born 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                 

Douglas Sigwarth

Born 1970 in Dubuque, Iowa

Finding expression in blown glass works, the Sigwarths have worked as a team since attending the Anoka Ramsey Community College in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993. In 1995 they transferred to the University of Wisconsin, River Falls for a four year program of training in glass. Only after their marriage and honeymoon trip to Venice in 1996, did the couple discover that Douglas descends from artisans who had worked for centuries in Europe at the Sigwarth glass factory in Switzerland. Since Renee’s name translates as “reborn”, the couple views their work with studio glass as the rebirth of the Sigwarth line of glass blowing in the United States.

Their technique involves sharing in the creation of each piece at various stages of development to produce colorful patterns or flowing watercolor designs in glass vessels. They state, “Our art is born from our partnership. Together we are the creators of all that surrounds us.” The Sigwarths are members of the American Craft Council, the Wisconsin Art Alliance Council and the National Association of Independent Artists. In 2001, they opened their own glass studio in River Falls, in the St. Croix Valley, and operate it as a full time business.

 For the past 15 years the Sigwarths have been exhibiting in 30 fine art fairs a year around the United States. Their work is represented in the permanent collections of the University of Minnesota’s Goldstein Gallery and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

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