Eóin Breadon (1975 - )

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Biographical Brief

Having worked and trained in glass studios in Ireland, Australia, and the United States, Eóin Breadon works in the tradition of the seanchaí, the traditional Irish storyteller, who are responsible for the transmission of Celtic culture, the history and laws of the people that were not written down, but memorized in long lyric poems which were recited.

Breadon received his MFA in glass from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2004 and is shown and collected internationally by galleries and museums. From 2004-2009 he served as a member of the sculpture and glass faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Art and now works as an Assistant Professor of Art, Head of Glass/Sculpture at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.


Artist Statement:

Our history is defined on a personal and cultural level in large part by our objects and the rich tapestry of people and place contained in our stories.  The adornment and form, the function and intent, all blend to create a synopsis of not only individual choice, but a record of the greater community as well.  The analogies and hypothesis of previous cultures are heavily influenced by the information gained from extant items and the imagery and subjects illustrated upon its surface.  It is this visual documentation of cultural identity into the tangible representations that drives my exploration and transmission of personal and cultural synergy.  While it can be described as visually “ethnic”, my work stands outside the specificity of a distinct culture.  It is the multitude of influences that converge to create an individual image or sculpture that reflect not only the traditional references, but also the broader actions and interactions that create the context of its genesis.
    I embrace the notion that there is no objectivity in ethnography as everything is known through perspective.  It is with the continued artistic evolution through traditional craftsmanship, and the aesthetic and mnemonic value of imagery and composition, that I document my own movement through a culturally historical context.  As a creator, I balance classical usage of material with an artistic license that stays true to the essence of traditional, cultural transmission.  It is this first hand physical involvement of a fluid tactile material as a conduit to the personal and physically exhaustive labor that went into the transcription and documentation of many of the world's great ancient cultural and literary works that continues to provide the framework of my expression.

Selected Collections/Commissions:

Abington Arts Center, Lifetime dedication commemorative vase commission, Abington, Pennsylvania
Associate Dean’s Collection, Tyler School of Art, permanent collection, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
@Space Gallery, Santa Ana, California
Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, permanent, collection, Neenah, Wisconsin
Catholic Diocese of Madison, permanent collection, Madison, Wisconsin
Central College of Iowa Art Collection, permanent collection, Pella Iowa
Cleveland Institute of Art, permanent collection, Cleveland, Ohio
Community West Foundation, Annual Donor’s Award, Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Thomas Riley, private collection, Columbus, Ohio
Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Annual Donor’s Award, Atlanta, Georgia
Marc and Karen Jaffe Collection, private collection, Cleveland, Ohio
Robert and Jan Ginsburg Collection, private collection, Cleveland Ohio
Schiff Foundation, permanent collection, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sonny Kamm, Kamm Teapot Foundation
Susan Schwartz, private collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
University of the Arts, permanent collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
University of Louisville, permanent collection, Louisville, Kentucky
Works Museum of Technology, permanent collection, Newark, Ohio

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