Edith Alice Sternfeld (1898 - 1990)

Birth date: 9/26/1898 Death date: 9/5/1990  
Birth location: Chicago, Illinois Death location: Santa Barbara, CA  
Media: Decorative Art , Painter / Watercolor , Painting , Sculpture Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Went to Northwestern University. Her professional art education began at the Art Institute of Chicago the University of Iowa. Pursued additional art instruction at the Stone City Art Colony and a summer session at the Colorado State College of Education. Has a long history of awards; 1932 Iowa Art Salon watercolor sweepstakes prize, Iowa Art Salon honorable mentions and various places (1933-1937), the purchase prize, All Iowa Exhibition (1937), honorable mention from the Iowa Federation  of Women's Clubs (1937), and first and second place watercolor awards at the Five-State Exhibition (1937). Taught painting at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Has been exhibited widely, including: Milwaukee Art Institute and University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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