Edwin Bodemer (1903 - )

Birth date: 1/27/1903 Death date:  
Birth location: MIlwaukee, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Engraving , Graphic Art , Painting , Printmaking Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1920s: Studied: Milwaukee Downer College, three years
            Apprenticed: Layton school of Art , two years / evenings
                                William Brothers Lithographer, making beer labels for local Milwaukee
1927: Moved to Appleton, WI and worked for Appleton Engraving
1935: member of Wisconsin Painter's and Sculptors.
1940: first illustrator at any U.S. Post Office in Milwaukee making safety posters.
1971: retired and moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1972
Source of this information: West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Archives, documentation from back of painting in their collection. Conflicting first name WBMI Edward / MWA Edwin but same birthdate and Milwaukee address in both archives.

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