Elisha Ben Yitzhak (1943 - )

Birth date: 10/4/1943 Death date:  
Birth location: Israel Death location:  
Media: Arts & Crafts , Painter , Painting Web site: http://www.elishasart.com
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Biographical Brief

1985: moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Studied art:

Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem 
Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv under the guidance of master artists.
Exhibited in museums, galleries, art festivals and private art exhibits in numerous countries around the world.including a group exhibit at the famed Tate Gallery in London.
2009, Florence Bienniale, Italy
2010, Southern Nevada Museum of Art, 2010 International Contemporary Art Masters
          Broadway Gallery, New York
Paintings have also appeared in numerous publications and electronic media.
Quoted by Leon Harari, an art critic in IsraelElisha’s  pictures have a unique and independent style of their own with so much rhythm. Most of his images combine both figurative and surrealistic elements, as if they were taken from a different world, but yet are strikingly realistic and appealing. When looking at Elisha’s paintings you feel certain warmth radiating from the different colors. As one gazes, one is lulled by the lyrical composition of the delicate lines. These colors have an impact similar to the effect of pastels in the work of the great impressionists. Elisha expresses his feelings, emotions and personal experiences through most astonishing paintings, which are revered around the world and considered extraordinary. The more you gaze at these paintings, the more you love them, so much so that you cannot help but be affected by the artist’s romanticism.”
Information submitted 11/17/2010 by Elisha Ben Yitzhak
2012.1.31 - another web-site provided by Elisha Ben Yitzhak

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