Elwood Warren Bartlett (1906 - 1981)

Birth date: 1906 Death date: 1981  
Birth location: Walworth County, Wisconsin Death location: Elgin, Illinois  
Media: Illustration Web site:
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Elwood Warren Bartlett
Born 1906 in Walworth County, Wisconsin
Died 1981 in Elgin, Illinois
Born in Walworth County, Wisconsin, Elwood Warren Bartlett worked in the late 1920s as a railroad clerk at the Division Engineer’s Office in Milwaukee; it was here that he developed an interest in printmaking. A self-taught artist who, unusually, did wood engravings, he worked as an engraver and illustrator in Milwaukee  and also for the Chicago Tribune.

Bartlett learned about printmaking from the book, A Woodcut Manual by J.J. Lankes, and from correspondence with the British printmaker John Taylor Arms.  Bartlett produced numerous carefully crafted wood block engravings from the 1930s to the 1950s and most of his prints are of landscapes. Bartlett and Robert Von Neumann were the only two Wisconsin artists accepted into the National Academy of Design Annual Exhibition in 1940.  In 1941 Bartlett’s work was included in the Calendar of Wisconsin Art sponsored by the Wisconsin Artists Federation, Inc.

Bartlett went on to sell many of his prints to collectors and they can be found in many of the finest galleries throughout  the United States, notably the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Milwaukee Public Library, the West Bend Art Museum and the corporate collection of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1936 Pennsylvania Academy Show
 1940 National Academy of Design Annual Exhibition
1946 Philadelphia Press Club
 1946 Northwest Press
 1946 Milwaukee Art Institute
1996 West Bend Art Museum, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin,
            Collecting the Art of Wisconsin: The Early Years
1998-1999 Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin,
            150 Years of Wisconsin Printmaking

West Bend Art Museum, WI Block Prints Of Elwood Bartlett From The Collection Of Robert Koutney


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