Emil F. Kronquist (1882 - 1974)

Birth date: 1882 Death date: 1974  
Birth location: Death location:  
Media: Decorative Art Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1882 Born in Sweden, grew up in Denmark
1889-1904 Apprenticed as a silversmith and metal chaser in the same shop in Copenhagen as Georg Jensen.
1904 Immigrated to the USA
1904-1907 Worked in NYC and Chicago in the jewelry trade.
1907 Accepted a teaching job in Oklahoma
1913 Recruited to teach in various schools throughout Wisconsin including Stout Institute and Milwaukee Vocational School
1920's - 1940's Published numerous books on jewelry and metalsmithing
1951 Retired from teaching at MATC
1959 Kronquist donated his entire collection of personal artwork and his Georg Jensen pieces to MATC
1960 The Kronquist Silver Collection goes on permanent display, in MATC Gallery
1980 The Kronquist Silver Collection was removed from the exhibit due to the high price of silver and moved to MATC's Board Room, President's office and Metal Arts classroom.

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