Emily Parker Groom (1875 - 1975)

Birth date: 1875 Death date: 1975  
Birth location: Wayland, Massachusetts Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Painter , Painter / Watercolor , Painting , Painting / Oil , Painting / W/C & Acrylic Web site:
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Emily Groom
Born 1876 in Wayland, Massachusetts
Died 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Having received her training at the Art Institute of Chicago with John Vanderpoel, at the Art Students' League in New York with Birge Harrison, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts under Edmund Tarbull, and in London with Frank Brangwyn, Emily Groom was an influence on several generations of Wisconsin artists. She maintained a fifty-five year connection with the Milwaukee-Downer College (1901/02–1917 and from 1935–1957) where she organized the art department and taught undergraduate and extension classes. She also taught at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee. From 1917–1935 she left her teaching positions to devote more time to painting, exhibiting and traveling.

Groom was a co-founder of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society, and a member of the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, the American Watercolor Society, the Chicago Gallery Association, Artists’ Equity, National Association of Woman Painters and Sculptors, Concord Art Association and the Philadelphia, and New York Watercolor Club.

Working at her Cambridge Avenue home in Milwaukee, or at her summer studio in Genesee Depot, she created numerous floral and landscape paintings in oils and pastels. Preferring to paint watercolors “en plein air,” she often worked in the cold or snow. Her early work reflected the style of English artists rather than the German academic influences of other Wisconsin artists. Later Groom adopted an impressionistic style in which she focused her attention on the familiar urban and rural landscapes of Wisconsin and those she visited on several trips abroad.

Groom's earliest recognition was a gold medal from the St. Paul Art Institute, Minnesota in 1917. Thereafter she exhibited widely in Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia and received numerous awards. In 1936, Porter Butts wrote of Emily Groom in Art in Wisconsin, “She is the most prominent woman painter of the early artist group.” As a respected and well-loved member of the Wisconsin art community, she remained active in her profession until her ninety-seventh year.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1917 F.H. Bressler Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1925  Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin 
1926 Thomas Dunbar Galleries, Chicago, Illinois 
Chicago Galleries Association, Illinois
1929  Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (also1933, 1935, 1941) 
1936 Milwaukee-Downer College, Wisconsin (also 1947, 1955) 
1937  Bressler Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin 
Chapman Memorial Library, Milwaukee Wisconsin (also 1943)
Oshkosh Public Museum, Wisconsin
Paine Art Center, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Retrospect Exhibition
Lawerence University, Wriston Art Center Galleries, Appleton, WI, Emily Groom: Milwaukee-Downer
College Legacy
Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Self & Other Portraits: Wisconsin Artists.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Annual Exhibitions, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin (also 1918, 1920-1921, 1923) (1920 Gold Medal Winner)
St. Paul Art Institute, Minnesota (Gold Medal)
National Academy, New York, New York, American Watercolor Show (also 1948)
Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin, Exhibition of the Work of Wisconsin Artists and Crafters
Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Annual Exhibitions, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin  (also1931-1932, 1943, 1946)
1926  St. Louis, Missouri, The Seven Arts: Woman’s National Exposition (First Prize winner) New York Watercolor Club (purchase prize) 
1940  Milwaukee Galleries, Wisconsin 
1942  Charles A. Wustum Museum, Racine (now known as the Racine Art Museum), Wisconsin, First Annual Racine and Vicinity Show
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Oshkosh,Wisconsin; Beloit, Wisconsin; Racine, Wisconsin; Fon du Lac, Wisconsin; Green Bay, Wisconsin
Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Centennial Exhibition, Contemporary    Wisconsin Art 
Milwaukee-Downer College, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Art Center, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Artists 1855 Until Today
UW-Milwaukee – Union Art Gallery, Wisconsin Women in the Arts
Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, Reflections on the Milwaukee Journal Gallery of 1983 Wisconsin Art 
Milwaukee Art Museum, 100 Years of Wisconsin Art 1888/1988: A Centennial Celebration
West Bend Art Museum (now known as Museum of Wisconsin Art), Wisconsin, Early Wisconsin Ambiance: Environments & Landscapes by Wisconsin's Early Artists 1880-1940
1996  Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin, Collecting the Art of Wisconsin: The Early Years
1997  West Bend Art Museum (now known as Museum of Wisconsin Art), Wisconsin, Foundations of Art in Wisconsin (also Rahr West Art Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  and Miller Art Center, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin)
West Bend Art Museum now known as Museum of Wisconsin Art), Wisconsin, Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors / Wisconsin Artists in All Media Centennial Exhibition
2001 West Bend Art Museum (now known as Museum of Wisconsin Art), Wisconsin, Women’s Work – Early Wisconsin Women Artists
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