Florence Streng

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Biographical Brief

1935, biographical information listed in "Biographical Data on Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Members"
          Lived in Beloit, WI and had been working as an active artist or student since 1926.
          Preferred Sociological compositions as subject matter in her work at this time and also did portraits.
          Began entering in competitive exhibitions in 1935.
Studied: Milwaukee Starte Teacher's College, University of Wisconsin
Work experience: taught at Roosevelt Junior High School, Beloit, WI
Collections: Dean Alderman of Beloit College, portrait of Jane Alderman
                     Mrs. Woolsey of Beloit, WI, mural panel
                     Senator Coakley, Portrait of Mrs. Coakley
                     and other portraits and a floral still life in private collection in Beloit and Milwaukee.

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