Frances Myers (1936 - 2014)

Birth date: 4/16/1936 Death date: 12/17/2014  
Birth location: Racine, Wisconsin Death location: Madison, WI  
Media: Digital Print , Graphic Art , Printmaking , Sculpture , Visual Arts Web site:
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Frances Myers
Born 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin


Growing up in Racine, Frances Myers came to admire architecture, particularly the innovative Johnson Wax building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Years later when she was commissioned to create an image of the building, she willingly accepted the opportunity to pursue a project aligned with her own interests. From that beginning, more prints of buildings designed by the master architect followed, and today, the resulting folio of etchings are among Myers best known works.

Preferring the aquatint etching process, Myers executes non-linear forms and tonal gradations of light and dark while integrating shadows with the images. She has stated, “I don’t want to invent a building, I want to bring new life to a building.”  Following meticulous preparation involving a series of photographs and sketches, she creates the copper plates that are inked and printed in stages to achieve the final result. During a long career, her work has incorporated a wide variety of printmaking techniques, including relief, photo-etching, and mixed media processes.

After studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, Ms. Myers transferred to the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she was a student of the well-known printmaker, Alfred Sessler.  After earning an MA, then an MFA in 1965 from UW, she went to England the following year to lecture in printmaking at the College of Art and Design in Birmingham and St. Martin’s School of Art in London. She has taught printmaking at the University of California- Berkeley, Mills College in California and, since 1975, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she advanced  to the position of Chair of the Graphics Department.

Her work is represented in numerous national and international museum collections. She has participated in prestigious print exhibitions, has received two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships and is a fellow of the National Academy of Design in New York. She lives with her husband, printmaker Warrington Colescott, in Hollandale, Wisconsin.

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