Frank A. Yindra (1874 - 1945)

Birth date: 4/23/1874 Death date: 3/24/1945  
Birth location: Cooperstown, Wisconsin (Manitowoc County) Death location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin  
Media: Calligraphy , Designer , Drawing , Engraving , Graphic Art , Illustration , Ink , Postcard - designed by artist Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Expert Penman, Calligrapher, Pen Artist, Crayon Portraits as well as a Certified Public Accountant
6/3/1874, Baptized at St. Joseph Church, Kellnersville, Wisconsin (Catholic Diocese of Green Bay)
Parents, Joseph Yindra and Anna Svatosh (Svatosh)
October 7, 1903married Mary Neidl, Kellnersville, Wisconsin and had a son, Francis A. Yindra.
1922-23: student in the first graduating class of Certified Public Accountants, Lake Shore Business College, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
1932-1935: Served as a member on the Wisconsin Board of Accountancy appointed by Governor A. G. Schmedeman
Charter member of American Society of Public Accountants
Work Experience:
Daily Harold, bookkeeper, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
circa 1903: bookkeeper, Brandt Printing and binding Co., Kellnersville, Wisconsin
1922: ran for Wisconsin State Senate
Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin-Spencerian postcards

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