Frederick Herrman

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Biographical Brief

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Potter
Father of Albert Herrman (A.k.a. Hermann or Herman)
Brother of Charles, Samuel, Christian (aka Christopher) Hermann
Uncle of  Louis M. Pierron
Frederick and Albert spelled their last name Herrman and Charles, Samuel and Christian (aka Christopher was spelled Hermann.

Pottery Business History

1848-1884, Frederick Herrman opened a pottery on Market Street, Milwauke, Wisconsin
1850-1857, Herrman Brother's Pottery on Johnson Street, Milwaukee, WI  was operated jointly by
          Frederick and his two brothers Charles and Samuel  and another brother Christian (aka Christopher)
          Hermann also worked with them from 1850-1856  The stoneware pieces created in their factory were
          not marked.
1857, Samuel and Charles and Christian (aka  Christopher) left Herrman Brother's Pottery
1857-1960, Samuel operated a small pottery on 15th and Cherry Streets, Milwaukee.
1860, Samuel Hermann died of consumption.
1857-1886, Charles operated C. Hermann & Co., Milwaukee, and the pottery made there was marked
          C. Hermann & Co, Milwaukee (impressed or stenciled)
1882, Louis Pierron, Charles's stepson became a partner at C. Hermann & Co., Milwaukee and the
          company name was changed to Chas Hermann Stoneware Factory
1886- Louis Pierron became sole owner of Chas Hermann Stoneware Factory 
1887-1915, Albert Herrman took over Herrman Brother's Pottery in Milwaukee for his father, Frederick Herrman.
1892, Charles Hermann died  September 23, 1892.

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