Garry Pisarek (1930 - )

Birth date: 8/10/1930 Death date:  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Painting , Painting / Acrylic Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Landscape, still life and abstract painter

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
Exhibiting since 1950
Solo exhibitions:
1958, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wisconsin
1959, Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1959, Marine Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1959, Cardinal Stritch, Wisconsin
1962, Mount Mary College, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
1963, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1992, Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1993, Wauwatosa Library, Wauwatosa, Wisconain
1996, 1998, ARC East Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wisconsin juried exhibitions:
Milwaukee Art Museum
Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
National Juried Exhibitions
Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Butler Institute, Ohio
Crocker Art Museum, California .
Milwaukee Journal
City of Milwaukee
Private as well as corporate collections in Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, California, Texas and Utah
Everyday Art Volume 41, winter 1963 published by American Crayon Company pgs. 14 - 15

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