Dr. George Edward New (1894 - 1963)

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Biographical Brief

Academically trained in art in Europe.


George Edward New

Born 1894 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Died 1963 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

George Edward New is known for his accomplishments in a variety of fields including art, history, archeology, and aviation.  His extensive lifelong travels inspired much of his art. He attended prep school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Academy at Barre in Vermont, and the Noble School in St. Petersburg.  His father and grandfather were friends of the artist James Abbot McNeil Whistler, who greatly influenced and encouraged New in his youth.   

During World War I, New served as a pilot for both the American and French Armies, creating numerous sketches of his fellow comrades in his spare time. After the war he continued studying in Paris, Rome, and London. He graduated from Yale University and earned his Ph.D in Art and Archeology at the University of Paris in 1924.  He then traveled to North Africa and other countries as part of French archeology expeditions.  In addition, he has received various honorary degrees from universities in Europe and the U.S, among them is St. Andrews University in Scotland and Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.  New studied under a variety of artists including John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, Celia Beaux, Joseph Pennell, Alphonse Legros, and Felix Bracquemond

Known for his mild-mannered character, New was devoted to public service.  He donated many of his prints to various organizations and institutions, and he gave profits from his print sales to the Wisconsin War Flying Foundation.  In addition to his extensive artistic achievements, Dr. New received recognition for his military service, and he has remained active in U.S. Army Veteran Organizations. 

He is best known for his detailed etchings of architectural structures from around the world such as Westminster Abbey, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, and various other sites in Mexico, South America, Ireland, Asia, and the U.S.  His subjects in Milwaukee include Trinity Church, St. Sebastian’s Church, the Church of the Gesu, Mount Mary College, and the Milwaukee City Hall.  In addition to these works, New received awards for his oil and watercolor paintings.  His portraits include distinguished personages of Europe such as King Albert of Belgium.  New’s prints were also used in a national advertising campaign by Miller Brewing Company in the early 1940’s. He has works in the collection of the Milwaukee Art Institute, Carroll College, West Bend Art Museum, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

New is listed among other Wisconsin artists in a book titled Who Was Who in American Art and The Wisconsin Union Art Collection Calendar of Wisconsin Art from 1941.  His name can also be found in various books such as Builders of Milwaukee by William George Bruce 1946, Marquette University Art Collection 1964; Wisconsin Heritage 1954, Craftsmen of Wisconsin 1971 by Bertha Kitchell Whyte; and Selected Works--Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art Marquette University, 1984.


1936                        First American Exhibit Etchings by George New, Mount Mary College

1937                        Exhibition of Etchings, Paintings, and Watercolors from Morocco, Mount Mary College

1938                        Paintings, Etchings, and Lithographs, Marquette University

1939                        Etchings by George New, Milwaukee Art Institute       

1940                        Sketches, Watercolors, and Etchings from Morocco, Mount Mary College

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