George H. Goundie (1913 - 1992)

Birth date: 1913 Death date: 1992  
Birth location: Allentown, Pa. Death location: Nokomis, Florida  
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George Goundie
Born 1913 in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Died 1992 in Nokomis, Florida
Sculptor George Goundie arrived in Wisconsin in 1950 to become a professor in the art department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. One of the founding members of the School of Fine Arts, he believed in teaching students the techniques to become confident in their own ideas. Many of them then went on to achieve success in careers in the arts and in education. Professor Goundie was chairman of the art department from 1959 until 1962 and became professor emeritus after 26 years at the university. He was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa and Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors.
While involved in a busy career as an educator, Goundie managed at the same time to pursue his own artistic vision. Working in stone, wood, marble or steel, he was primarily a carver. Widely known for portrait bust sculpture; his solid, simplified forms expressed images that he felt were inherent in the materials.

Goundie participated in major regional and national exhibitions and gained recognition as a co-designer of the Milwaukee County Zoo and numerous playground installations around the country.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1960 George Goundie, Stevens Point State College, Wisconsin
1961  George Goundie, Brynwood Country Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1973  George Goundie, Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1973 George Goundie, Kenosha Public Museum, Wisconsin
1975  George Goundie, Rockford College, Illinois
2004  George Goundie Memorial Scholarship, Silent Auction Fine Arts Gallery, UW-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Selected Group Exhibitions

1957 Wisconsin State Fair, Festival of the Arts, West Allis, Wisconsin
1959  UWM Faculty Exhibition, Student Union, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
1972  Faculty Contours, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fine Arts Galleries 
1973  Annual Art Faculty Exhibition, Fine Arts Galleries, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 
1977 Two Retrospective Exhibitions: George Goundie, Sculpture and Joseph Friebert  Paintings University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,  Fine Arts Galleries
2000  Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, Wisconsin Artists in all Media - Centennial Exhibition,  West Bend Art Museum (now the Museum of Wisconsin Art), West Bend, Wisconsin 
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