George Howell Gay (1858 - 1931)

Birth date: 1858 Death date: 1931  
Birth location: Milwaukee, WI. Death location: New York, New York  
Media: Painting Web site:
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George Howell Gay

Born 1858 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Died 1931 in New York

Early in his painting career at the Academy of Design in Chicago, George Howell Gay studied under Paul Brown, a well-known marine artist, and Henry Elkins, the landscape painter.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gay was a watercolorist known for his landscapes and marine scenes.  After moving to New York City in 1889 his subjects were inland New England and New York state coasts.  Notable features of his work are the clarity of light and almost photographic detail.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1890                Boston Art Club

1890                                National Academy of Design

                        Art Institute of Chicago

1900                    Contemplating The American Watercolor:

Selections from the Transco Energy Co. Collection, Houston, Texas

            n.d.                  The Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado

            n.d.                  The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

            n.d.                  The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

            n.d.                  The Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

            n.d.                  Virginia Museum of the Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia

            n.d.                  The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

            n.d.                  Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama

            n.d.                  Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

            n.d.                  Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland

            n.d.                  The Shoto Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, and traveling.


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