Gustav Moeller (1881 - 1931)

Birth date: 4/22/1881 Death date: 2/11/1932  
Birth location: New Holstein, WI Death location: Milwaukee, WI  
Media: Design , Graphic Art , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

2005 recipient of the WI Visual Art Lifetime Achievement awards.
Student of Carl von Marr, Munich Academy of Fine Art , Germany.


Gustave Moeller

Born 1881 in New Holstein, Wisconsin

Died 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Gustave Moeller arrived in Milwaukee with his family in 1885.  By the time he was in his teens he was apprenticed at a small commercial art studio founded by Edward Steichen and Herman Pfeifer.  Moeller, together with Steichen, were two of the first student members of the Milwaukee Art Students’ League that was founded around 1896 by Edward Steichen.  Their teachers were Alexander Mueller and Richard Lorenz.  Later, while working in Milwaukee as a commercial engraver, he took evening classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and in 1909 he moved on to the Academy of Fine Arts in New York.  After studying in New York, he attended classes with Carl von Marr at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany.

When he returned to Milwaukee in 1912, he began teaching art at the School of Fine and Applied Arts, which was absorbed by the Milwaukee State Normal School.  He continued there until 1923, by which time he had become the chairman of the art department. In 1927 the Milwaukee State Normal School became the Milwaukee State Teacher’s college and Moeller was appointed Director of Art Education.

Many of Moeller’s regional paintings were of Wisconsin and depicted small town street scenes.  He was particularly fond of the small village of Alma located on the Mississippi River in Buffalo County.

Moeller was a member of a men’s sketch club, known as the Walrus Club, the Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Art Institute, the Milwaukee Art Commission and Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors.  Moeller exhibited his work extensively, but seldom outside of Wisconsin.  He was never married and died at the age of 49 from surgical complications. In 2005 he was one of the recipients of the WI Visual Art Lifetime Achievement awards.

Selected One-man Exhibitions

1931     Gustave Moeller Retrospective Exhibition, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1943     Gustave Moeller Retrospective, Walrus Club, Milwaukee, WI.

1944     Gustave Moeller Retrospective, State Teacher’s College, Milwaukee, WI

1952     Gustave Moeller Retrospective, Charles Allis Art Library, Milwaukee, WI

Selected Group Exhibitions

1923     Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1926     WI Painters & Sculptors Annual Exh. (Award Winner), Milwaukee Journal Gallery of  Wisconsin Art.

1927     Watercolors by Gustave Moeller, Gerrit Sinclair & Peter Rotier, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1928     Gustave Moeller, Armin O. Hansen & Raymond Stelzner Joint Exh, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1982     Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, Reflections on the Milwaukee Journal Gallery of  Wisconsin Art

1988     Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, 100 Years of Wisconsin Art

Gustave Moeller continued:

Selected Bibliography

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