Hans John Stoltenberg (1879 - 1963)

Birth date: 1879 Death date: 1963  
Birth location: Flensberg, Germany Death location: West Bend, Wisconsin  
Media: Decorative Art , Painting / Oil Web site:
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Hans John Stoltenberg

Born 1879 near Flensburg, Germany

Died 1963 in West Bend, Wisconsin

Early Wisconsin Ambiance: Environments & Landscapes by Wisconsin's Early Artists 1880-1940

1996    Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin, Collecting the Art of Wisconsin: The Early Years

* Stoltenberg also exhibited at the St. Paul Art Institute, Minnesota

Hans John Stoltenberg was nine years old when he came to Milwaukee with his widowed mother.  Stoltenberg worked for Brown and Harper, a painting and decorating firm in Milwaukee where he was a "grainer".  Using a paintbrush and a comb, he added graining to make painted pine look like marble or quarter-sawed oak.

In 1917 Stoltenberg moved to Wauwatosa, a rural area at that time.  When it began to be built up he moved even further west to Brookfield.  He studied art under Dudley Crafts Watson, a former director of the Milwaukee Art Institute.  With Watson's encouragement, he became a landscape artist.

By 1920 Stoltenberg was well established as a professional artist.  He taught drawing classes at the Big Sisters Home. He was also a member of the Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors. Hans John Stoltenberg‘s brother Frederick (Fritz) Stoltenberg was also a Wisconsin artist.

Stoltenberg frequently painted rural landscapes, particularly those in the Kettle Moraine regions of the state.  His favorite subjects were snow and trees.  He always found character and a story in their shapes.  Other places in Wisconsin where he painted: Door County, Black Earth and Mount Horeb (villages west of Madison).

Selected Exhibitions

1918    Milwaukee Journal Competition, Wisconsin

1920    Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin (Honorable Mention)

1927    Milwaukee Journal Gallery of Wisconsin Art

1938    Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1940    Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1982    Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin - Reflections on 1983 Milwaukee Journal           Gallery of Wisconsin Art

1992    West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts (now known as West Bend Art Museum), Wisconsin -

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