Harold E. Hansen (1943 - )

Birth date: 1943 Death date:  
Birth location: Rush County, Indiana Death location:  
Media: Graphic Art , Illustration , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Attended Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN
Ongoing student of the history of art and architecture
1965, moved to Wisconsin
1998, collaborated with John Gruenwald of Milwaukee, to produce largest stone lithograph
                  to date, which depicts one of the lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago
Received many awards in miniature competitions around the country, including Rocky
                  Mountain Juried Miniature Show and South Carolina's Annual National Miniature
Originally a painter, spent 15 years painting, before he realized he wanted to focus on printing
1,000 paintings since 1968, categorized as a realist, links to the past
More than 600 watercolor paintings since 1968
1977, opened Ringsted Studio Gallery with Shirley Kunde
1976, Watercolor Wisconsin Award in Racine
1998, opened Harold E. Hansen Gallery, Cedarburg, WI, which he closed in 2003
Works out of 350 square foot converted garage not far from 1847 farmhouse in
                  Town of Addison, WI
Has done 26 editions of stone lithographs since 1981
His work hangs in private and corporate collections in 23 states and Australia
2011, Merchandise Award-Watercolor Wisconsin

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