Harold Hall (1865 - 1932)

Birth date: 2/17/1865 Death date: 6/2/1932  
Birth location: Oslo, Norway Death location: Seattle, Washington  
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Harold Hall
Born in 1865
Died in 1932


Little is known about Harold Hall, a young Norwegian painter who came to Milwaukee in the late 1890s and established a studio in the Hathaway Building.  What is known is that he was the only non German-American member on the founding panel of the Society of Milwaukee Artists, which later became known as the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors Society.  His contemporaries and other founding members were Louis Mayer, Richard Lorenz, Frank Enders, Alexander Mueller, Frederick W. Heine, Conrad Heyd, George Peter, Franz Biberstein, Robert Schade, George Raab, and Miss Jessie Schley.  Their first exhibition was in 1901.  Harold Hall is best known for his landscapes.  He also painted large canvases of religious subjects for churches. Hall was listed in the Milwaukee Business Directory from 1896 through 1909.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1901-1913         Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Society of Milwaukee Artists Annual Exhibitions

1902                 Chicago Art Institute, Illinois, Chicago Annual

1990                 Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Artists from the Late 19th century Into the 20th

1992                 West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts (now known as West Bend Art Museum), Wisconsin, Early Wisconsin Ambiance: Environments and Landscapes of Wisconsin's Early Artists 1880-1940

1996                 Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin, Collecting the Art of    Wisconsin: The Early Years



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