Hugh Townley (1923 - 2008)

Birth date: 1923 Death date: 2/1/2008  
Birth location: Lafayette, Indiana Death location: Bethel, Vermont  
Media: Arts & Crafts , Ceramic , Decorative Art , Drawing , Graphic Art , Installation Artist , Pastel , Sculpture , Wood , Woodcarver Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Wood sculptor
1945: served in the US Army
Studied: University of Wisconsin-Madison, art and cultural anthropology
              Paris with Ossip Zadkine
              London County Council School of Arts & Crafts and worked at the Hauge.
1952: returned to the US  and had his first One-man show. 
Work Experience:
Taught at the Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Beloit College
Boston University
1961-1989: Brown University 
1972: he received the Rhode Island Govenor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts.
His artwork is represented in many museum collections. 
(source: Hugh Townley The wizard With Wood)

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