James Brozek (1950 - )

Birth date: 1950 Death date:  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Ink , Photography Web site: http://www.jimbrozek.com/Photography
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Biographical Brief

Milwaukee Photographer
Studied: BBA from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
              Milwaukee Center of Photography, Documentary Photography scholarship and
              Friends of Photography, Carmel, California
1976-1985: worked as a laborer, harvesting, rancher, and on ore boats at Jones Island,   
              Milwaukee's harbor and photographically documented the laborers in their work
1998-2003: Photo documentation of the construction of the Milwaukee Art Museum's
              Calatrava addition
2005-2010: Photo documentation of the razing of old St. Mary's Hospital and the new
              construction of Columbia St. Mary's Hospital on the same site.

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