Jean Marie Judd (1963 - )

Birth date: 8/30/1963 Death date:  
Birth location: St. Paul, Minnesota Death location:  
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Biographical Brief

Textile artist Jean M. Judd of Cushing, Wisconsin has been constructing textile artworks for over twenty-eight years incorporating dense hand stitching which gives visual and physical texture to her work. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1963. She has lived by water her entire life: the Mississippi River in Lake City, Minnesota from 1965 to 1982; 1986-1991, the Sea of Japan from 1982 to 1986, and the St. Croix River from 1991 to the present where she has her private studio in Cushing, Wisconsin. 


Her work includes pieced work using commercial fabrics as well as rust pigmentation and non-traditional dyeing techniques. More recent work has been using whole cloth construction using her hand dyed, Suminagashi, and painted fabrics and rust pigmentation along with her signature hand stitching. 


Each piece is unique and starts with an idea from her subconscious and develops as she constructs the artwork. Decisions are made regarding materials, technique, size, and sculptural stitching as the piece develops. Nothing is preplanned so the initial idea may not be even close to what the finished artwork reveals. 


The intent of her work is not to be a recognizable, representational image of a specific place, time, or object. The artist’s intent is to bring up feelings, emotions, and contemplation by each viewer of the work. She wants them to slow down, disconnect with the current world, and take time to look at and feel the artwork. What does the work say to the viewer; what connection do they feel to the artwork; what emotion does the artwork bring to the viewer; what personal story can they assign to what they are seeing and experiencing? 


Ms. Judd’s work can be found in many private art collections in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. She exhibits her award-winning artwork nationally in juried fine art exhibitions. Her work is represented by several fine art galleries in the United States. She is the author of several books describing her processes, artistic philosophy, and experiences with artist residencies. A full professional resume and more about her artwork can be viewed on her website,

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