Dr. Jeffrey R. Hayes (1947 - 2012)

Birth date: 1947 Death date: 6/11/2012  
Birth location: Death location:  
Media: Folk & Outsider Art Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Self taught artist and art historian
1982, Ph.D., University of Maryland
1972, M.L.A, The John Hopkins University
1967, B.A. Wake Forest University

1993, National Endowment for the arts grant as curator for the Nation's premier American Art for the exhibition of Milwaukee Art Museum's Michael and Julie Hall's collection
Work Experience:
Professor of art history for 30 years, University of Wisconsin,  Milwaukee, WI
Winter 2011, "Bernard Gilardi:, Underground Painter" (Folk Art Messenger)
2011, "Oscar Bluemner", "Maurice Sterne" (Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, 2011)
2010, "Prophet William J. Blackmon" (Raw Vision 69)
2009, "Paradise Lost: Thoughts on the Impermanence of Vernacular Art Environments" (John Michael Kohler Art Center
2008, "From the Secular to the Spiritual: George Ray McCormick Sr." (Charles Allis Museum)

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